Another call for improvements

Joost Waversveld joost at
Fri Jun 2 10:00:17 IST 2006

In sendmail you have the ability to show  where sendmail will send the 
email to by doing an sendmail -bv info at domain.tld.

Sendmail then just tells you what he should do, where he will deliver 
the email.

Is it possible to create something similar for MailScanner? By 
MailScanner I think of the settings for spam scanning, virus scanning, 
etc. For example, I do an: MailScanner -bv info at domain.tld and I get as 

Low Scoring Spam: 6
High Scoring Spam: 10
Non-Spam-Action: deliver
Spam-Action: delete
Scan Virus: no
etc... (every settings you can alter with an ruleset?)

So you can easily check the settings for the email address just entered? 
Sometimes it's difficult to see what specific settings there are for an 
emailaddress :D


Joost Waversveld

Julian Field wrote:
> Any of you got any features which you really need?
> I don't guarantee to implement them, or even consider them :-)
> Anything you don't like, anything you particularly like (gratitude is 
> always welcome :-) I'm a right sucker for it :-)
> At the moment there aren't any features people want, other than a 200% 
> speed improvement which I've done my best for in the past.
> Don't ignore anything you have asked for in the past, consider them 
> forgotten :-(
> Regards,
> Jules.

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