A quick and easy performance improvement

Chris Green chrisgreen at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 27 07:10:08 IST 2006

>Richard Lynch wrote:
>>I offered my experiences because I believed (and still do) that it is 
>>common to have / and /var on separate partitions on the same drive.  I 
>>also think it is easy to overlook the huge performance penalty with bayes 
>>defaulting to /.  Moving bayes to /var was dramatic enough (a 10 fold 
>>reduction in IOWait time) that I believed it was worth sharing with others 
>>who may have the same setup.  That's why I posted.
>>-- Rich
>I know... Please don't take it the wrong way... It's good for people to 
>point these things out, specially for those who will surely be looking for 
>ways to improve their setup in the future. It's just that how you partition 
>your drive is one of those emacs-vs.-vi (I use pico, only because nano is 
>funny about screen refreshes) discussions that stir up valid points and 
>counterpoints about each way of doing things.
>The good things about these discussions (when they don't degenerate into 
>flamewars) is that you get to see a lot of different ways of doing things, 
>and in turn, discover ways of improving your own ways by incorporating 
>advice from others depending on how it pertains to your particular 
>I know I've learned a thing or two about this topic from watching this 
>thread, and I thank you for starting it. Again, I meant no disrespect.
Hi Alex - I couldn't agree more, this has been one of the most enlightening 
threads I've seen. Missed the one about swap though, will slip into my 
kevlar suit and go dig it out of the archives! Was that a 'quick and easy' 
one too?

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