DCC config and SA lint complaints

Stephen Swaney steve.swaney at fsl.com
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> Arthur Sherman wrote:
> > It should be in MailScanner.conf, I believe:
> > #use_dcc
> >
> > As for the path...
> > Funny, I had it in the different order and it worked with no problem
> > (pls mention diff. path!)
> >
> > dcc_home  /var/dcc
> > dcc_path  /var/dcc/bin/dccproc
> >
> You might want to look into running dccifd instead of using dccproc.
> >From the dccifd manpage:
> "Dccifd is a daemon intended to connect spam filters such as SpamAssasin
> and mail transfer agents (MTAs) other than sendmail to DCC servers.  The
> MTA or filter dccifd which in turn reports related checksums to the
> near-
> est DCC server.  DCCIFD then adds an X-DCC SMTP header line to the mes-
> sage.  The MTA is told to reject the message if it is unsolicited bulk."
> I switched to using this method with SpamAssassin a couple of years ago.
> It greatly reduced the load I was seeing from all of the forks to call
> dccproc.
> I have set the following items in the SpamAssassin config file.
> use_dcc 1
> dcc_home /var/dcc
> dcc_path /var/dcc
> dcc_timeout 15
> Depending on your setup you might also need to set dcc_dccifd_path.
> dcc_dccifd_path STRING
> This option tells SpamAssassin specifically where to find the dccifd
> socket. If dcc_dccifd_path is not specified, it will default to looking
> in dcc_home If a dccifd socket is found, it will use it instead of
> dccproc.
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To install / configure DCCIFD, please see this article in the Wiki:


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