Just A Silly Question About MailWatch

Steve Freegard smf at F2S.COM
Thu Jan 5 09:19:44 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 08:37 +0700, Fajar wrote:
> You know, Mailwatch for MailScanner is really good for
> manage your quarantine, spam/virus report, etc. I wonder,
> why Mailwatch not being developed as fast as MailScanner?
> Maybe someone willing to answer this silly question :D

I'm not sure I understand why you asked this.  Is there a feature
missing in MailWatch that you want or something?  Maybe you should have
asked this question on the MailWatch mailing-list first?

If it is a philosophical question then:

- they are both different products written and maintained by two
different people.

- MailWatch by definition will have some 'lag' between new features
being written into MailScanner and the reporting for the new features
being worked into MailWatch.

- The MailScanner developer is in a completely different league to the
MailWatch developer in developer skill :-)

- This is open-source software, the developers write, maintain and
support their software in their free time.

- The MailWatch developer is lazy or doesn't seem to have much free

Hope this clears it up for you.

Kind regards,

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