Beta 4.50.4 released -- faster than 4.49

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu Jan 5 09:24:02 GMT 2006


On 4 Jan 2006, at 22:40, Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:
> Hi!
>> One thing worth mentioning: if you use rcpt splitting (one message  
>> per recipient) then you should see a massive speed improvement  
>> with this version.
>> Raymond --- this may help you!
> Ok. After some thinking :)
> This works, but! :)
> Let me try to explain.
> Spammer sends spam, SA detects, but low spam score. We feed all  
> those to our analyzer box, analyzer box finds URL thats bad, lists  
> in a RBL...
> Normally the next messages will have a higher score, since more URI- 
> BL lists will detect them after a few minutes. Same goes for bayes  
> scores and so on.
> Is it a good idea to make it configurable when to use this feature?  
> Eg, when its high spam? If its high spam i care less about the  
> extra scores, high is high enough. If its low spam i certainly  
> would be interested if its not high spam by then. Makes the  
> difference of delivering or deleting in our case. Some ligic to  
> only cache low spam for lets say 5 mins, and high spam an hour or  
> so would be preferred. Else the detection will go down and thats bad.

It currently caches non-spam results for 30 minutes, spam results for  
60 minutes. This should be enough to stop your detection rate  
dropping very much.

> Just some idea's, hopefully it helps. Really cool move i think  
> this. Saves a lot of power, only need to figure out something for  
> the above... to optimize things.

I've done most of what you suggest already.
Caching high spam for longer than low spam is an interesting idea, I  
may well do that.
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