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Rabellino Sergio rabellino at DI.UNITO.IT
Thu Jan 5 09:18:21 GMT 2006

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shuttlebox wrote:

> On 1/4/06, *Rabellino Sergio* <rabellino at 
> <mailto:rabellino at>> wrote:
>     We've sendmail 8.13.3, with mcafee/clamav/sa ona Solaris 9 /4-cpu/
>     Sun-Fire-V440.
>     I changed only the release of MS, without changing any configuration
>     parameter; the cpu load average
>     has changed from 2.5/3 to 1.2/1.6.
>     It seems to be really faster than previous MS.
> Have you looked at the delay times in the logs from Sendmail? Do you 
> see a similar decrease there?
> -- 

I've investigated in the syslog, but the delay is strictly connected to 
the batch delay, so I do not understand how I can see a real speed-up if 
most of the delay is directly accountable  to the batch waiting.
 (maybe i'm wrong)


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