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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 4 15:36:40 GMT 2006

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On 03/01/06, Pentland G. <G.Pentland at> wrote:
> >> Happy New Year!
> And the same to you...

> >> We are in the process of upgrading our mail server and are just not
> >> sure which OS to go with. We are currently running with Fedora but
> >> they seem to upgrade way to often for a production server.
> >> Any feedback here would be greatly appreciated.
> We are currently sendmail 8.13.x on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 (AS) on
> our production kit but...

Mandriva/Postfix here:-)

> As with most things, THE single most important thing to consider is what
> do YOU know how to use.  I may suggest any one of a dozen platforms for
> various reasons but if your sysadmin only knows how to use IRIX or
> something then use that!
> The same goes for MTA as well.  I will always go for sendmail but that
> is because I know it and trust it!
> thats my 2c anyway...
> Gary
I'll happily add my .02^À to Gary's! The choice of OS/distribution is
often "over-dramatized", looking at more or less irrelevant details...
Any OS/distro can pretty much do anything any other OS/distro can,
provided you have a knowledgeable sysadmin AND some time. Lacking
either (it's usually time that is wanting...:-) one absolutely HAS to
go with what one already knows, or as close a facsimile as possible.
This probably means you should either go with one of the RH clones
(like CentOS) or buy it, depending on what level of support you/your
PHB "needs".

-- Glenn
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