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Matthias Sutter wrote:
> Hi,
> our mailscanner installation work very well but now we should 
> implement a function that the user have the option to change the Spam 
> properties/handling.
> For example there are 3 lists off users:
> the first - the user should get no Spam
Spam Actions = delete
High Scoring Spam Actions = delete
> the second - the user get no high score Spam and all others are marked 
> in the subject line
Spam Actions = deliver
High Scoring Spam Actions = delete
> and the last and default - no Spam detection and filter is active.
Spam Actions = deliver
High Scoring Spam Actions = deliver

All you need to do is write a bit of support for some sort of backend 
with a Custom Function for "Spam Actions" and "High Scoring Spam 
Actions" to produce either the "deliver" or "delete" actions as appropriate.

Once you have some sort of a DB backend to store the data in, this is 
only a few lines of code to do the Custom Functions required.
No huge job.
> Can I build this scenario with mailscanner ?
> Thanks in advance
> Matthias

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