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Dennis Willson taz at
Mon Feb 27 19:32:41 GMT 2006

This is an easy add-on to MailWatch. I did this and it works well. I 
have it so that each user can set what to do at the different detection 
levels (the delivery options) and even set the SpamAssassin scores for 
each threshold if they want.

Matthias Sutter wrote:

> Hi,
> our mailscanner installation work very well but now we should 
> implement a function that the user have the option to change the Spam 
> properties/handling.
> For example there are 3 lists off users:
> the first - the user should get no Spam
> the second - the user get no high score Spam and all others are marked 
> in the subject line
> and the last and default - no Spam detection and filter is active.
> Can I build this scenario with mailscanner ?
> Thanks in advance
> Matthias


Dennis Willson
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