razor2,pyzer and DCC

Jonas Lilja jonas.lilja at exallon.sigma.se
Mon Feb 27 07:46:00 GMT 2006


I wonder if someone of you can advice me about the Razor, Pyzer and DCC options in the Spamassassin-Clamav-packet I have just installed.

1. Is it difficult to configure these modules? (RPM?)
2. Does these packets catch much spam not detected by Spamassassin?
3. Is these packets documented in the MailScanner book?
4. Is it a common recommendation to use these add-on´s?
5. What´s the difference between them (razor,pyzer,dcc)?

I administer a corporate with 200 empoyees and we have a lot of incoming spam. 

Regards /Jonas Lilja

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