OT Advice for server reinstalation

Pavel Zichovsky zichovsky at trul.cz
Fri Feb 24 16:49:56 GMT 2006

Hi there 

> > Main Services which will be run on server (which are 
> running also now) 
> > Sendmail POP3/IMAP (what to use here? Dovecot? Courrier? Something 
> > else?)
> I prefer Cyrus. It's very reliable, low load, works like a dream.
> > Apache
> > MailScanner
> > SpamAssassin
> > MailWatch
> > Samba
> > WebMin
> > MySQL
> > FireBird
> You are going to need a lot of swap space to run that lot 
> with 256MB of ram!

I do not want to argue, but that lot is runing also now, and vmstat says, that swapped is less then 8MB (7556kB), and even during
longer period of vmstat runing are si and so columns still zero.
But maybe I am interpreting some numbers wrong :-(
I forgot mention that server is for only small group (15PCs) and with very low mail volume (about 200 to 300 mails per day), so load
is realy low.

With regards
Pavel Zichovsky (zichovsky at trul)

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