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On 24 Feb 2006, at 14:14, Pavel Zichovsky wrote:

> Hi There!
> My old RedHat 7 on server is comming to end of life, as some things 
> are not working correctly (but vital services like mail server and MS 
> are still runing OK) so I am preparing for clean neew OS install on 
> same (old) hardware.
> HW is pretty old, it is PIII900 with 256MB RAM, SCSI HDDs on Mylex 
> AcceleRAID 170 PCI RAID Controller (one RAID0 array) (Yes, I know that 
> 256MB is low, but it realy was enough in our enviroment, swaping 
> occured only in rare occasions.) I can't get new HW, have to use this 
> one.

If you can't get the hardware because money is tight and you're in the UK,
these machines are worth a look - certainly will give you a better spec than
what you have. Build quality is acceptable and I have 10 of these (Sempron
model) at one location - no failures in 8 months and counting and with your
current hardware likely to have increasing end of life failures anyway!!?? I
have one running as a Netware 6.5 server for a little-used legacy app and
have also fired them up with CentOS and Windows Small Business Server 2000
for debugging and test installations. They are obviously not as engineered
as, say, an HP Proliant but...

eSys ePC Celeron-D 315 2.26GHz 256MB 40GB CD LAN LINUX + Open Office
Software, includes Keyboard & Mouse 
£127.64 (£149.98 inc VAT)
Quickfind code: 89079

Forget the Linux that's supplied (SUSE I seem to recall) and download
CentOS, bump up RAM to 512MB minimum + transplant your disk subsystem and
it's a bargain!!


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