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James Csoka jimcsoka at
Thu Feb 16 15:45:18 GMT 2006

I'm reposting this here to see if maybe anyone here knows of some reason that Mailscanner would or would not be causing the issue that I seem to be having.  I posted this in freebsd-questions, but I'm not having much luck figuring out what is happening.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a mail server (it also functions as a firewall) running freebsd5.4,
with mailscanner, openwebmail, and sendmail.  I wish to block an individual
email address, but I do not want to mark it as spam.  My first solution was
to add the blacklist feature to the file, and recreate the .cf
file, which I did.  I then added the line To:user at  REJECT to the
/etc/mail/access file, and ran make maps.  I also had added the line
user at  REJECT.

This then blocked that address from sending email to people on my internal
network.  When I tested it from outside my network I used openwebmail as a
web interface to send email to that address, and it failed.  Which was what
I wanted.  However, from inside my network, using Outlook, you can send
email to that address without a problem.

It seems as if the access.db is doing it's job.  When using openwebmail, the
smtp server rejects any attempt to send mail to that address.  however,
locally, it does not.  When i'm sitting in front of my windows client, I can
use Outlook and send email to that address without a problem.

Does anyone know why via a web interface, the access file rules would apply,
yet they would be ignored when sending mail from inside the network using
Outlook to send external email?
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