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Thu Feb 16 14:16:56 GMT 2006


You need to set Non Spam Actions in your MailScanner.conf to be a rule
set with rules like the following.

To: pager at striphtml deliver
FromOrTo: default deliver

Check the documentation for more information on using rule sets.

Greg Rowe wrote:
> Greetings,
>  I have an existing MailScanner installation running as a gateway for
> multiple domains into backend mail servers. Current version is
> 4.45.4, but planning to upgrade to 4.50.15 this weekend. One new
> domain that the MailScanner systems accepts mail for gets relayed to
> a vendor paging service after processing. The paging service can only
> accept pure text messages and rejects any message containing MIME or
> HTML. Unfortunately a large number of the people sending to this
> domain are on OutLook and use HTML by default. The paging service
> also returns a meaningless error message to the sender if it
> encounters HTML or MIME tags. 
>  Using the Convert HTML To Text rule in MailScanner works great for
> messages destined to that domain to strip the HTML, but the MIME tags
> are still contained in the message, and message body text is repeated:
> Any ideas as far as a best solution to stripping out all the MIME and
> HTML and being left with just the message body text ?
> Thanks,
> Greg

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