More 4.50.15 woes on FreeBSD - Update

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Thu Feb 16 13:39:47 GMT 2006

Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:

>>From your config file I can see that you probably still do not use the MailScanner port itself though.


> Is this a completly clean machine? I still somehow feel you have some leftovers of non-port p5-modules or something similar. Sorry I cannot be of further assistance. Maybe you will have to debug this with Julian.

I removed Perl, all ports, etc before I started the process, so in effect it is 
a "clean" box.  I'll keep experimenting though.  On your setup, how much mail 
does your box process per day, and what is the hardware specs on the box?  What 
is the avg load?  The problem essentially seems to be memory exhaustion, as 
4.50.x seems to use far more memory than previous versions, and doesn't "clean 
up" as well.


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