Upgrade problème with language.conf

Laurent Dinclaux lox at birdy.nc
Wed Feb 15 23:39:12 GMT 2006

Laurent Dinclaux a écrit :
> I have just upgraded MailScanner to latest version (4.5) I have followed 
> the instruction written after lauchning upgrade_language_conf
> I have tried for report/en and report/fr folders and same result for 
> both: empty language.conf file!
> I have tried to force upgrade of MailScanner :
> rpm -Uvh --force mailscanner-4.50.15-1.noarch.rpm - but that has not 
> created any language.conf.rpmnew files...
> Any idea on how I can solve my problem? Can anyone just send me its own 
> mailscanner 4.5.15 language.conf files for 'en' and 'fr' languages?

Found it, I have delete empty language.conf files and then:

#rpm -Uvh --force mailscanner-4.50.15-1.noarch.rpm

And now language.conf files are back in place

Best regards

Laurent Dinclaux
lox at birdy.nc

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