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Wed Feb 8 20:22:49 GMT 2006

On 08/02/06, Rodney Green <rgreen at> wrote:
> >
> > I assume you use the Archive feature of MailScanner.... Apart from
> > dropping as much as possible (with the usual caveats about rbls in the
> > MTA etc) at the MTA, letting MS do anything more before archiving the
> > mail would defeat the purpose of the feature (saving as pristine a
> > copy as possible).
> > Instead of using that feature you might instead "archive" by doing a
> > forward to an "archive recipient" in the Non Spam Actions, but then
> > you'd get them after MS had altered them.... Kind of a case of either
> > having the cake or eating it (if there is such a saying in
> > English-speaking countries:-).
> >
> Thanks Glenn. I am using the MS archive feature. I'd like to be able to
> continue archiving mail into individual user mbox files but I'd also
> like to eliminate all of the spam that is being stored in those files
> taking up unnecessary space on the drive. It would be nice if one could
> use the same archiving feature for non spam mail.
Ok. Unfortunately, that's not really possible within MS as is now,
AFAICS (I also distinctly remember Jules commenting on this before....
And giving the same answer... Check the ML archives @gmane, my memory
has been known to have been ... rusted.... before:). What you could do
is keep track of the spams/viruses (in the quarantine, perhaps) and
script up something that would "clean the archive, after the fact"...
Not really hard, but not really easy either...

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