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True... you could set up a script that runs every so often and deletes 
messages with X-Spam-Status: yes or something like that... right?

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 08/02/06, Rodney Green <rgreen at> wrote:
>>> I assume you use the Archive feature of MailScanner.... Apart from
>>> dropping as much as possible (with the usual caveats about rbls in the
>>> MTA etc) at the MTA, letting MS do anything more before archiving the
>>> mail would defeat the purpose of the feature (saving as pristine a
>>> copy as possible).
>>> Instead of using that feature you might instead "archive" by doing a
>>> forward to an "archive recipient" in the Non Spam Actions, but then
>>> you'd get them after MS had altered them.... Kind of a case of either
>>> having the cake or eating it (if there is such a saying in
>>> English-speaking countries:-).
>> Thanks Glenn. I am using the MS archive feature. I'd like to be able to
>> continue archiving mail into individual user mbox files but I'd also
>> like to eliminate all of the spam that is being stored in those files
>> taking up unnecessary space on the drive. It would be nice if one could
>> use the same archiving feature for non spam mail.
> Ok. Unfortunately, that's not really possible within MS as is now,
> AFAICS (I also distinctly remember Jules commenting on this before....
> And giving the same answer... Check the ML archives @gmane, my memory
> has been known to have been ... rusted.... before:). What you could do
> is keep track of the spams/viruses (in the quarantine, perhaps) and
> script up something that would "clean the archive, after the fact"...
> Not really hard, but not really easy either...
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