We need to do some cleanup in the wiki...

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Feb 6 11:18:18 GMT 2006


On 6 Feb 2006, at 10:50, Glenn Steen wrote:

> If I get a little more free time, I could do such changes, but best
> would be if everyone that feel they are .... responsible ... for a
> certain page do the relevant changes.

I would be very grateful if people could keep the wiki up to date. A  
big problem with wikis is the information in them becoming stale.

One major thing that needs (re)-writing is a Solaris installation  
guide. The current one (which I wrote a long time ago) is totally out  
of date and useless. I might well just remove it completely. I have  
someone doing a Solaris install at the moment, and being a newbie to  
Solaris he is hitting every problem in the book. So hopefully his  
writeup will be useful to other Solaris users.

> There might be other notable things that should be reflected in the
> wiki too... The switch of default locking method come to mind:-).

Yes, sorry I had to do that. But the vast majority of new MailScanner  
users are running sendmail 8.13 on Linux. So I had no option but to  
set the default to posix, or else all the inexperienced users out  
there would have to know to change an "Advanced" setting. A large  
proportion of my new users are hobbyist web hosting setups, where  
they have a web server at an ISP and provide net services for friends  
and a few local businesses.

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