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Julian Field MailScanner at
Sat Feb 4 11:17:59 GMT 2006

Res wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Feb 2006, Julian Field wrote:
>> On 3 Feb 2006, at 10:36, Res wrote:
>>> On Thu, 2 Feb 2006, DAve wrote:
>>>> Julian Field wrote:
>>>>> I forgot to add the MTA is sendmail
>>>>> On 2 Feb 2006, at 14:59, Julian Field wrote:
>>>>>>> Old Signed: 02/02/06 at 14:59:40
>>>>>> I have just done a speed test.
>>>>>> Hardware: dual Opteron, 4Gb RAM, SCSI disk.
>>>>>> Software: RHEL4, MailScanner 4.50, SpamAssassin, DCC, Razor,
>>>>>> clamavmodule
>>>>>> MailScanner setup: default
>>>>>> Speed: 770,000 messages per day
>>>> What happens at 780,000 messages a day?
>>> and at what loads
>> Maintained about 10 which is what I would expect.
> 10? I hope to hell its on a 15 yo 5400 rpm ide
> thats only 8 msgs a second, we easily do more than that on dual xeon 2 
> gig ram with qmail and qmailscan and the load avgs constant 2-2.5
Not wanting to start a flame war, but does qmailscan do all the HTML 
analysis and phishing detection and all the extras you get with 
MailScanner? It's far from just being an av wrapper bolted to 
SpamAssassin. If I ran it as that, I would get far more messages per 
second too. I was running on a default setup, which has all features 
switched on. I was trying to produce a useful figure, not a marketing 
FUD benchmark.

A load average of 10 is totally acceptable, please read up on what it 
actually means, it's not an indicator of CPU load.


However, I agree with you on the qmail support for MailScanner. There is 
a company that does all that, I leave them to it as I have never much 
liked qmail anyway ;) ;)

Julian Field
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