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Sat Feb 4 22:29:58 GMT 2006

On Sat, 4 Feb 2006, Julian Field wrote:

> Not wanting to start a flame war, but does qmailscan do all the HTML analysis 
> and phishing detection and all the extras you get with MailScanner? It's far

no, its one of the reasons I want to get MS to work with it
its a dream on our sendmail servers, buty they are special use for large 
single domains and the loads pretty low

> However, I agree with you on the qmail support for MailScanner. There is a 
> company that does all that, I leave them to it as I have never much liked 
> qmail anyway ;) ;)

Yep, I still prefere sendmail, but sadly like I said  for virtuals you cna 
not beat the qmail/vpopmail combo, trust me the day sendmail  creates an 
option that basically allows

mkdir /var/spool/mail/
echo "	/var/spool/mail/" >> /etc/mail/virtualdomaindir 
make -C /etc/mail

and we get somthing like vpopmail to work with it, qmail will start have a
very fast extinction rate :)


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