New speed benchmark

Res res at
Mon Feb 6 08:24:13 GMT 2006

On Sun, 5 Feb 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:

> discover that Mr Venema is indeed as opinionated and "political".

thats one of the reasons  i dont like associating with stuff, prolly also 
why i have such options on qmail as well, too far up emselves if you ask 
me :)

I will keep pestering the sendmail guys for an optional config change :)

> And from the above, one can infer that speed of processing/delivery
> isn't a factor on my systems, so it'd be for purely ...
> technology/statistical pleasure (on my part, at least:-).

Yes, unfortunatly I deal with people who press send and  expect the 
recipient to get it in nano seconds :(


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