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> I've been wrestling with the Panda Wrapper for some time now.    It's
> *probably* working,  but with no reporting.    The only way I can see it
> working is when I run it manually on an Eicar virus, I have the -ren
> option selected so that it actually renames the  to
>    It still returns a Virus=0  status.   I get no updates
> from MailScanner the way I do for the f-secure wrapper.
> Does anyone have success in getting Panda's wrapper to report a virus
> when found?    Even though it's probably working,  it's not a very
> secure feeling just trusting a piece of code to do its job with no
> feedback.
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I am not following exactly what you mean here. Are you running the wrapper
manually *exactly* the way it's describer at the top of the wrapper? I
havent touched it for a loooong time, but because of some of the er, odd,
ways they have the thing working it needs to be run exactly (dir structure
and all) the way it shows at the top of the wrapper.


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