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Fri Feb 3 11:46:13 GMT 2006

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> Julian Field wrote:
> > Very few people have ever had much luck getting Panda to work
> > properly. It is the worst of all the virus scanners I support. Check
> > you /etc/MailScanner/virus.scanners.conf file to be sure you have the
> > right path.
> >
> > Run this
> > /usr/lib/MailScanner/panda-wrapper /usr /tmp
> > will scan /tmp for you, the "/usr" argument is the path taken from the
> > end of the corresponding line in virus.scanners.conf.
> >
> I figured as much.   I had it working when the wrapper was all in
> Spanish and before Panda went to their over-engineered output.   :)
> Looking through the archives,  it seems like some had a measure of
> success with Rick's new wrapper.    I can actually see results of the
> wrapper detecting and eliminating virus files,   but can't get an
> accurate report.     The only reason I'm bothering is because I'm under
> support for one more year,  and I'd like to use it.

When you say an accurate report, it's not logging the detections in the
maillog? I am still at 4.46.2 because there were so many changes after that
I haven't had the desire to rebuild the two patches I have to integrate into
each new MS release but I suppose I can try and get to it this weekend and
see if something might have changed to affect the logging. It seemed like I
had to do something to prevent double logging and perhaps that was fixed and
now it doesn't log anything?


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