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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Dec 19 09:22:13 CET 2006

On 19/12/06, Thorsten Büker <mailinglists at> wrote:
> Dear all,
> since migrating our mailing systems, which consist of MailScanner
> between two instances of postfix, into virtual machines by using the
> patch, the working dir is not cleaned up anymore.

Thorsten, stop right there!
The piece of language you have above implies that you still use the
_unsafe_ and _deprecated_ defer method with Postfix. Please tell me
you don't...
If you do... You should immediately stop doing this. Use the new,
safe, HOLD method as described in amongst other places.

> The temporary directories, each named with the pid of previously stopped
> childs, are neither deleted after starting new childs automatically nor
> after stopping the whole MailScanner.
> Google did not lead to any hint, yet, but the changelog states, that
> version 4.50.15-1 "fixed bug where temporary files were not cleaned up
> properly". Alas instead of compiling a newer version I'd prefer to keep
> the original package (4.41.3-2) shipped with Debian Sarge on the
> productive machines.

This is indeed true, it is an old error. I'm in part guilty for both
the introduction (and the fix, along with Spike Cacti, IIRC:-)...
Because PF queue IDs aren't "random enough" for SQL logging purposes,
I badgered Jules into introducing the .XXXXX randomness... Which broke
the cleanup of the work dir. The fix was simply to add in the "." in
the match for the cleanup-able stuff.
I don't want to go digging it up... It's in the mail list archives;-).
You really should abandon that old MS version and go with a newer
one... Either by using the tarball install, or going unstable, or
switching OS/distro completely. Debian stable is just too moldy when
it comes to this.

> So, do you have any hint for to look for the reason or is there any
> reason not to stop MailScanner by a nightly cronjob, delete the working
> dir, and start it again?

You *could* do that too. A bandaid, at best, but sure... that would work too.

> thanks in advance,
>    Thorsten

-- Glenn
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