Sloppy error checking in MS code

Pete Russell pete at
Sat Dec 16 23:20:21 GMT 2006

Res wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Dec 2006, Richard Lynch wrote:
>> I doubt anything would quiet them. Axiom: If one is looking for fault 
>> one will find it. Corollary: You will find whatever you are looking for.
>> It's not necessary to check every possible failure just the important 
>> ones or the ones you want to handle.  The question becomes "Does MS 
>> check enough of them?".  I don't know the code so I can't say.  I can, 
>> however, say this.
>> 1) MS protects over 1 billion messages a day (from the web page).
>> 2) We use it to process approx 2 million messages a day.
>> 3) We have had little to no problems with MS.
>> For us the answer to the question is, yes, MS checks enough of them,

Its funny, seem that only the users on the postfix list experience 
problems, or theorise about them. I have been using postfix and MS for 
4+ years and i have never experienced any problems, except that postfix 
cant split the multi recipient inbound message into individual queue 
files. But that's a postfix problem...

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