Altering mailscanner-mrtg to show chart with spam & high spam ...

Garry Glendown garry at
Sat Dec 9 07:37:19 GMT 2006

I was wondering, has anybody tried to modify mailscanner-mrtg so it
would show a chart that differentiates between regular spam and high
scoring spam? I know that once you start using a rules file to define
what high scoring spam is, this would not be all the way correct, but
for general info, showing a stacked graph that has e.g. a green line for
anything under the spam score of 5, a yellow for 5-10, and red for 10
and above, would be nice ... I know I can advanced information like that
by using mailwatch, but I don't want to put that extra load on the
server in question at the moment ...

Tnx, -gg

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