mailscanner-mrtg graph labels

Garry Glendown garry at
Sat Dec 9 07:33:33 GMT 2006

>> Are you sure you didn't mess up the /etc/mrtg/mailscanner-mrtg.cfg
>> file for these 2 graphs? This is what I have for the MTA:
>> YLegend[mailbytes]: Bytes
>> ShortLegend[mailbytes]: bytes    
>> Legend1[mailbytes]: Average Bytes
>> Legend2[mailbytes]:
>> Legend3[mailbytes]: Maximum Bytes
>> Legend4[mailbytes]:
>> LegendI[mailbytes]: :
>> LegendO[mailbytes]:
>> kilo[mailbytes]: 1024
>> kMG[mailbytes]: k,M,G,T,P
>> If all is OK, then maybe something changed in FC6 and the last 2 lines
>> (kilo and kMG) are not having the same effect as they did before.
>> Denis
> I think something changed in FC6.  My config file matches yours.

Same here, on a CentOS install (which is RedHat based) - cfg file looks
fine, but html output is missing the info (running 0.11 here)

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