Emails getting tagged as Disarmed

Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Dec 8 00:00:27 GMT 2006

Scott Silva spake the following on 12/7/2006 3:42 PM:
> Jim Scott spake the following on 12/7/2006 3:00 PM:
>> Scott Silva wrote:
>>> Maybe you should look at the possibility of 2 copies of a MailScanner
>>> part
>>> somewhere. Or if you did an rpm install, is there an rpmnew file where
>>> something didn't get replaced? Have all the upgrades been done the
>>> same way (
>>> IE.. rpm or tarball)?
>>> Did you personally do the upgrades or are you depending on some one
>>> else's
>>>  "I did it this way"?
>>> I have the same settings on those two options, and it isn't tagging
>>> for me.
>> I installed and have always installed from RPM and all past installs and
>> upgrades have used this method.
>> We also have 2 SMTP servers for redundancy and it seems that both are
>> producing the same results. So whatever is happening it is the same on 2
>> servers that had the same process applied.
>> I personally performed these upgrades and have always been the person
>> performing them.
>> Maybe it is only specific emails in certain conditions. I am not getting
>> all email tagged as spam. Seems to be mostly
>> html content that it is happening to.
>> Also my upgrade process was as follows.
>> Extracted tar
>> ran ./
>> performed upgrade_MailScanner
> You must have some magic combination of settings that triggers this then.
> Maybe you could get in contact with Julian off-list, as he has been real busy
> lately and not watching the list very closely.
You could change "Disarmed Subject Text = " oto something fairly easy to
ignore for now until you get this resolved like a single - or a dot.


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