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Dennis Willson taz at
Thu Dec 7 18:55:03 GMT 2006

I'm currently consulting at VMWare. 

At VMWare all infrastructure servers (mail, dns, dhcp, nis, etc...) 
must all run withing VMs. No dedicated servers allowed! They believe 
in using their own product. 

Running MailScanner within a VM is not an issue, it runs fine. Just be 
sure each VM has it's own dedicated RAID set and don't have multiple 
VMs sharing the same hard disk. 

On Thu, 07 Dec 2006 16:51:26 +0000
  "Howard Robinson" <Howard at> wrote:
>Dear list,
>Long term we are looking at consolidating our physical server 
>requirement whilst at the same time increasing availability.  We are 
>looking at VMware with several physical servers in a cluster sharing 
>a mirrored disk array with a more sensible/secure/easy to use backup 
>procedure that we have at present. Currently we have multiple tapes 
>that need changing every day.
>Still not clear that we will go down that route but if we do are 
>there any problems running MailScanner box within a VMWare 
>environment?  Currently we use Red Hat Enterprise 3, sendmail, almost 
>latest mailscanner plus the usual add-ons. Given the minimum power of 
>the latest servers our MailScanner system is rarely stressed so could 
>be one candidate for virtualisation. If it is stressed it's more a 
>sign of something wrong than a real increase in mail.
>I can see an opportunity to be able to test revised setups with out 
>the hassle of reinstallation if it fails.
>I have had a quick look at the archives back to early this year and 
>saw nothing that seemed relevant.
>If you wish to reply directly please do so.
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