Problems with split recipients

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Wed Dec 6 08:44:41 GMT 2006

On 05/12/06, DAve <dave.list at> wrote:
> All that was done, we have always run a split queue on our MailScanner
> servers.
> I have stopped the errors by making changes to my queues, as follows.
> added a new queue dir of /var/spool/mailq
> added incoming queue at /var/spool/mailq/
> added outgoing queue at /var/spool/mailq/mqueue
> adjusted my MailScanner.conf and start scripts accordingly.
> added "define(`QUEUE_DIR','/var/spool/mailq')dnl to my incoming *.mc and
> rebuilt my incoming *.cf file. Restarted Sendmail.

Stupid question from a non-sendmail user... Couldn't you have reached
the same effect by "define(`QUEUE_DIR','/var/spool')dnl" ... ?
Wouldn't that have saved you a whole lot of checking/typing? Or is
there some other magic involved that I'm not thinking of?

-- Glenn
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