Problems with split recipients

DAve dave.list at
Tue Dec 5 19:37:42 GMT 2006

Ken A wrote:
> DAve wrote:
>> Using the following,
>> Everything seemed to go well, everyone is happy with the increased 
>> capture rates. But my outbound queue is growing now where previously I 
>> had no problems.
>> I am seeing the following messages in my mail logs;
>> Dec  5 12:56:54 avhost2 sendmail[59093]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): 
>> QueuePath /var/spool/ not subpath of QueueDirectory 
>> /var/spool/mqueue/
> You should have 2 instances of sendmail running (incoming and outgoing)
> The incoming queue should be using /var/spool/ and the outgoing 
> sendmail instance should be using /var/spool/mqueue/.
> You should make the changes for split recipients in the .mc or .cf for 
> the incoming sendmail ONLY. You'll need to create a separate .mc and .cf 
> for this instance of sendmail if you are splitting recipients, and make 
> changes to the MailScanner init script where needed, per the doc you 
> referred to.
> Note that in normal MailScanner installation, the incoming and outgoing 
> sendmail's use the same

All that was done, we have always run a split queue on our MailScanner 

I have stopped the errors by making changes to my queues, as follows.

added a new queue dir of /var/spool/mailq
added incoming queue at /var/spool/mailq/
added outgoing queue at /var/spool/mailq/mqueue

adjusted my MailScanner.conf and start scripts accordingly.
added "define(`QUEUE_DIR','/var/spool/mailq')dnl to my incoming *.mc and 
rebuilt my incoming *.cf file. Restarted Sendmail.

Now the SYSERR messages are gone, watching my out queue now to see if it 

> Ken A.
> Pacific.Net
>> Am I missing something here? I followed the instructions in the Wiki 
>> closely and followed the original thread from Steve on this subject.
>> Looking at Sendmail docs it would seem I need to define my queues 
>> differently. Has anyone else seen this issue?
>> Thanks,
>> DAve

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