Problems with split recipients

Ken A ka at
Tue Dec 5 18:40:51 GMT 2006

DAve wrote:
> Using the following,
> Everything seemed to go well, everyone is happy with the increased 
> capture rates. But my outbound queue is growing now where previously I 
> had no problems.
> I am seeing the following messages in my mail logs;
> Dec  5 12:56:54 avhost2 sendmail[59093]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): 
> QueuePath /var/spool/ not subpath of QueueDirectory 
> /var/spool/mqueue/

You should have 2 instances of sendmail running (incoming and outgoing)
The incoming queue should be using /var/spool/ and the outgoing 
sendmail instance should be using /var/spool/mqueue/.

You should make the changes for split recipients in the .mc or .cf for 
the incoming sendmail ONLY. You'll need to create a separate .mc and .cf 
for this instance of sendmail if you are splitting recipients, and make 
changes to the MailScanner init script where needed, per the doc you 
referred to.

Note that in normal MailScanner installation, the incoming and outgoing 
sendmail's use the same

Ken A.

> Am I missing something here? I followed the instructions in the Wiki 
> closely and followed the original thread from Steve on this subject.
> Looking at Sendmail docs it would seem I need to define my queues 
> differently. Has anyone else seen this issue?
> Thanks,
> DAve

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