Disabling DCC, Pyzor on the cf file

Christian Campbell ccampbell at brueggers.com
Tue Dec 5 22:00:01 GMT 2006

> Using MS 4.57.6 I'm trying to disable the above plugins.
> > [28764] warn: config: failed to parse line, skipping: use_razor2 0 
> > [28764] warn: config: failed to parse line, skipping: use_dcc 0 
> > [28764] warn: config: failed to parse line, skipping: use_pyzor 0
> Is there any other way to avoid loading those plugins?  
> (using is not really the problem since I don't have the 
> executables installed, just the SA plugin).

I recently had the same problem.  Matt Kettler recently pointed out to me
(on 12/2 on this list):  

"If you're getting those messages, it's because you're using SA 3.1.x and
you don't have the AWL or DCC plugins loaded in your *.pre files.

At that point, the feature set is *completely* disabled, to the point that
it doesn't even understand those configuration options.

You can safely remove those options from your file, and as long as you don't
uncomment the plugins in your *.pre files, they won't run."

I just left them commented out and it didn't complain any more.

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