tnef RPM failed dependencies

Ron Hahn mailscanner.list.account at
Tue Aug 29 16:28:04 IST 2006


Bear with me if this is somewhere in the archives but I can't seem to  
find any reference to it.

I'm trying to install (for the first time) mailscanner on a Cobalt  
RAQ 4 that has been converted to RAQ 550 OS.

I have perl 5.8.3 successfully installed.

When I run the ./ script, it falls over on the tnef section:

Installing tnef decoder

error: failed dependencies:   is needed by tnef-1.4-1

Now to install MailScanner itself.

NOTE: If you get lots of errors here, run the script
NOTE: again with the command "./ nodeps"

error: failed dependencies:
         tnef >= 1.1.1 is needed by mailscanner-4.55.10-3

I searched for this shared library and found it in two places:

[root MailScanner-4.55.10-3]# find / -name -print

As far as I can see both of these locations are in the library search  

[root MailScanner-4.55.10-3]# cat /etc/

So.... any suggestions as to why the installation of this RPM is  
falling over?  I note that I have tnef-1.4.3 installed in /usr/local/ 
bin all ready.

Thanks for the help,


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