MailScanner hangs once a day

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Aug 29 10:01:31 IST 2006

On 29/08/06, Sergio García Caso <sergiogc at> wrote:
> Friday MailScanner stopped at 10 AM, yesterday it stopped at 12.00 AM
> and today at 8.30 AM (another days it stopped at different times but
> always at morning) so I think that the problem isn´t a cron job. Perhaps
> the problem is the high load the server have weekdays?

Could be. Do you have some stats?

> Sometimes when the message "MailScanner child dying of old age" appears
> in the syslog MailScanner don´t restart and it hangs.
Does the process stick around, and in what state? Or does it indeed
die? If the former, one could perhaps try attach to it and see what
it's doing.

Do you log everything to syslog (so that it's a one-stop-shopping
place for log analysis)? Or does /var/log/mail.* contain anything
useful not in the syslog?

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