MailScanner hangs once a day

Sergio García Caso sergiogc at
Tue Aug 29 13:14:33 IST 2006

>Friday MailScanner stopped at 10 AM, yesterday it stopped at 12.00 AM
> and today at 8.30 AM (another days it stopped at different times but
> always at morning) so I think that the problem isn´t a cron job. Perhaps
> the problem is the high load the server have weekdays?

>Could be. Do you have some stats?

I don´t have stats but I think that because the problems happen only in weekdays. Before, I had another Mail Gateway 
with MailScanner and Sendmail and I didn't have this problem.

> > Sometimes when the message "MailScanner child dying of old age" appears
> > in the syslog MailScanner don´t restart and it hangs.
> >
>Does the process stick around, and in what state? Or does it indeed
>die? If the former, one could perhaps try attach to it and see what
>it's doing.

I think the proccess MailScanner die after the message "MailScanner child dying of old age" because it doesn't appear in the log more until restart.

>Do you log everything to syslog (so that it's a one-stop-shopping
>place for log analysis)? Or does /var/log/mail.* contain anything
>useful not in the syslog?

I look the 'syslog' and the '' and I don't find anything useful. In both I get only the message "MailScanner child dying of old age".

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