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Drew Marshall wrote:
> On 11 Aug 2006, at 22:45, Octavio wrote:
>> Hi, as many of you Im on the postfix list too, I
>> notice that most of the user of this list prefer
>> amavis-new and recently I see that some of them dont
>> recoment MailScanner with postfix because it has
>> several fails like lost and damage messages?
>> I use MailScanner in several severs without these kind
>> of problems. do you have any idea why some people
>> think so?
> I think this sums it up really 
> It's all about 'That's not the way I intended it to work'. Followed by 
> 'I'm right and you are wrong 'cause it's my code' type attitudes.
> Bottom line is it works and without mangling, truncating or causing the 
> recipient to catch some nasty disease. Although much claimed, so far 
> 2.3.x has not broken MS either...

MailScanner works just fine with Postfix. When I first designed 
MailScanner, and its support for Postfix, I dared to "think outside the 
box" and create a novel way of integrating with Postfix. Wietse didn't 
like that as he didn't think of it first :-)
So he has been battling ever since to stop people using MailScanner with 
Postfix, with some success, despite the fact that it works perfectly 
well and won't lose or corrupt any of your mail. If you don't believe 
me, then try it and convince yourself.

People have done things with MailScanner that I never dreamt of either, 
such as using it to filter web traffic, and using it to filter illicit 
images from mobile phone MMS text/picture messages on huge international 
mobile phone networks. I think that's fantastic and huge credit is due 
to them for create novel solutions to problems of their own!

I can't say I have very much respect for the guy, but that's my personal 

On the subject of illicit image detection, particularly on mobile phone 
networks, I hope to contact one or two of you in the next day or two to 
see if you would be interested in joining development of this facility.

And yes, MailScanner is used to filter MMS messages sent between phones 
on one of the largest multi-national mobile phone networks on the planet.

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