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Drew Marshall drew at
Sat Aug 12 00:49:38 IST 2006

On 11 Aug 2006, at 22:45, Octavio wrote:

> Hi, as many of you Im on the postfix list too, I
> notice that most of the user of this list prefer
> amavis-new and recently I see that some of them dont
> recoment MailScanner with postfix because it has
> several fails like lost and damage messages?
> I use MailScanner in several severs without these kind
> of problems. do you have any idea why some people
> think so?

I think this sums it up really 

It's all about 'That's not the way I intended it to work'. Followed  
by 'I'm right and you are wrong 'cause it's my code' type attitudes.

Bottom line is it works and without mangling, truncating or causing  
the recipient to catch some nasty disease. Although much claimed, so  
far 2.3.x has not broken MS either...


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