releasing mail from quarantine -- postfix

James D. Parra Jamesp at
Thu Aug 10 23:12:31 IST 2006


Followed the instructions from the link <below>, but the message is a
'human-readable' file and not a 'raw mail queue file'. Can it still be sent
to the user? There are embedded e-mails within it.

Here is the dir' the file is stored in;

master:/var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20060810 # ls -lR
total 892
drwx------  2 postfix postfix   4096 Aug 10 06:28 .
drwx------  5 postfix postfix   4096 Aug 10 11:51 ..
-rwx------  1 postfix postfix 897418 Aug 10 06:28 message

Postcat can view the file named 'message'.  I ran 'chmod 700 message', then
ran 'cp -p message /var/spool/postfic/incoming/9' which just sat there.
After wards, I ran 'cp -p message /var/spool/postfic/incoming/9D213185489',
which appeared to have went, but never made it to the user.  What can I do
to get this message to the user?

Thank you,


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