Huge Dcc logdir

Adri Koppes adrik at
Wed Aug 9 14:33:49 IST 2006

> Hi,
> I just hunted down some wasted disk space and discovered huge 
> amounts of msg-* files in /usr/local/dcc/log which is DCCs 
> logdir. Somehow dcc decided to log every message. How can I 
> turn this off? I am using dccifd with SpamAssassin.
> I know this is a bit OT. I am in a hurry, know that a lot of 
> dcc and SpamAssassin people hang around here so please excuse 
> this. :-)
Jan Peter,

Have a look in /usr/local/dcc/dcc_conf at the DCCM_LOG_AT and
DCCIFD_LOG_AT parameters.
These control the 'bulkiness' after which messages get logged.
You can also use the -t option of dccifd.



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