MailScanner ANNOUNCE: Revision to 4.55

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Mon Aug 7 18:46:38 IST 2006

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The author of the Sys::Syslog perl module has withdrawn it due to 
problems including compatibility issues with some Linux distributions. 
The most obvious effect is that the "make test" step may hang part-way 
through the tests.

As a result, I have had no alternative other than to reluctantly publish 
a revision of the latest stable release of MailScanner.

If you had problems installing 4.55.9 (notably on some CentOS systems) 
then download and upgrade to 4.55.10.

Download as usual from

Note that if you had no problems installing 4.55.9, there is no reason 
to upgrade to 4.55.10.

Sorry for this forced re-release.

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Julian Field
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