Particular User's E-Mail Getting Virus Notifications on almost all incoming e-mail

Mon Aug 7 17:50:06 IST 2006

Hi there -


We have MailScanner 4.54 running with ClamAV 0.88.1 and SpamAssassin 3.03 on an
HP-UX 10.20 trusted system. 

One of our users is getting Virus Detected - Denial of Service Attack error
messages on nearly all his e-mails. These

e-mails are those coming from without and within our company's network. This
problem is not affecting any of our

other users.


I suspect that his mailbox is corrupt, but before I go down that route I wanted
to know if there are any other possibilities.

If his mailbox is bad, I will probably delete the existing box and restore and
older one from tape archive.



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