Sendmail question

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Fri Aug 4 18:10:08 IST 2006

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Dan Carl wrote:
>> Anyone willing to answer a sendmail question?
>> Or atleast point me in the right direction. (I don't have news)
>> I can send mail fine thru my sendmail/Mailerscanner server with
>> windows clients but when I send it thru from my other linux server
>> Yahoo marks it as BULK(spam).
>> Thanks
>> Dan
> So Yahoo bounces spam?  I'd have thought they were more on the ball than
> that.  Not much to go on here - what error's being returned?  It might
> be instructive to see a post from one of your linux boxes.  I noted that
> this one came from Outlook Express.

He said that Yahoo marks it, not bounces it.

> Are you using SPF?  If so, do you have all your servers listed?  
> Do your linux servers send directly or do they use

-> good points...

> ...Kevin

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