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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Fri Aug 4 17:21:27 IST 2006

Dan Carl wrote:
> Anyone willing to answer a sendmail question?
> Or atleast point me in the right direction. (I don't have news)
> I can send mail fine thru my sendmail/Mailerscanner server with
> windows clients but when I send it thru from my other linux server
> Yahoo marks it as BULK(spam).
> Thanks
> Dan

So Yahoo bounces spam?  I'd have thought they were more on the ball than
that.  Not much to go on here - what error's being returned?  It might
be instructive to see a post from one of your linux boxes.  I noted that
this one came from Outlook Express.

Are you using SPF?  If so, do you have all your servers listed?  

Do your linux servers send directly or do they use

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