Spamassassin Timeouts

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> I received this info from Logwatch, but I am not sure if it is something I
> should be concerned about.  Would anyone else be kind enough to fill me
> in?  And what to do about it if it is not an OK thing?
> MailScanner Status:
>         21351 messages Scanned by MailScanner
>         968.5 Total MB
>         13531 Spam messages detected by MailScanner
>                 13531 Spam messages with action(s) store
>                 902 hits from MailScanner SpamAssassin cache
>         6 Viruses found by MailScanner
>         4 Banned attachments found by MailScanner
>         967 Content Problems found by MailScanner
>         7778 Messages delivered by MailScanner
>         61 SpamAssassin timeout(s
> Thanks,
> James

You should be concerned because probably some spam is getting through and
MailScanner processing is taking longer than it should.

SpamAssassin time outs most often occur because the SpamAssassin network
tests are taking too long or never completing. Check your DNS lookup speed
and the health of your network in general.


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