Spamassassin Timeouts

Golden, James jgolden at
Thu Aug 3 15:39:09 IST 2006

I received this info from Logwatch, but I am not sure if it is something
I should be concerned about.  Would anyone else be kind enough to fill
me in?  And what to do about it if it is not an OK thing?

MailScanner Status:
        21351 messages Scanned by MailScanner
        968.5 Total MB
        13531 Spam messages detected by MailScanner
                13531 Spam messages with action(s) store 
                902 hits from MailScanner SpamAssassin cache
        6 Viruses found by MailScanner
        4 Banned attachments found by MailScanner
        967 Content Problems found by MailScanner
        7778 Messages delivered by MailScanner
        61 SpamAssassin timeout(s


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