chinese-language email

Adri Koppes adrik at
Thu Aug 3 13:44:43 IST 2006

> Ok, but from what I've seen, the default is en, so we're all 
> using it. 
> This doesn't really answer my question...  What I meant is 
> that CHARSET and FARAWAY rules helps us catch some spam from 
> foreign countries.  If I get a few false positives for 
> chinese e-mails and I put chinese in ok_locales and 
> ok_languages, my catch rate for chinese spam will we lower 
> right?  Most of our traffic is english and french.


I know, Jules put the default for english only in spam.preferences.conf.
This means any non-english message will get an extra 2 or 3 points added
to the SA score.
When you add the chinese language, it will no longer add the extra score
to these messages, so yes, the catch rate for chinese spam will be
If most of your traffic is english and french, I'd suggest using 'en fr'
for ok_languages.


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