chinese-language email

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Thu Aug 3 21:33:18 IST 2006

Adri Koppes wrote:
>> Ok, but from what I've seen, the default is en, so we're all 
>> using it. 
>> This doesn't really answer my question...  What I meant is 
>> that CHARSET and FARAWAY rules helps us catch some spam from 
>> foreign countries.  If I get a few false positives for 
>> chinese e-mails and I put chinese in ok_locales and 
>> ok_languages, my catch rate for chinese spam will we lower 
>> right?  Most of our traffic is english and french.
> Ugo,
> I know, Jules put the default for english only in spam.preferences.conf.
> This means any non-english message will get an extra 2 or 3 points added
> to the SA score.
> When you add the chinese language, it will no longer add the extra score
> to these messages, so yes, the catch rate for chinese spam will be
> lower.
> If most of your traffic is english and french, I'd suggest using 'en fr'
> for ok_languages.


I really appreciate your answer.



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