SpamAssassin MailScanner Problem

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Aug 3 21:41:20 IST 2006

Nasvhobh Magotra spake the following on 8/3/2006 3:51 AM:
> Hi all Members
> I have configured a qmail server with openprotect-5.0.4 that contains
> mailscanner ,spamassassin and clamav as default scanners on a debian
> sarge system. The installation went  smoothly. But I have a peculiar
> problem. The clamav scanning is working perfectly but spamassassin is
> not. I have checked Mailscanner.conf and it is perfectly fine.
Since Openprotect is a custom project BASED on MailScanner, their list might
be a better place to look. They seem to have stopped development, at least of
the free version, as it seems to be behind a few versions.


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